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This is for performing ensembles who will be bringing their students on charter buses.  All other attendees, please see the Parking Information on the Parking & Downtown Tampa Info page. 

There will be a designated parking area for buses on N Meridian Ave, in the right lane, between the E Whiting St. and E Cumberland Ave. intersections.

  1. Drop students off at the "Front Drive" entrance to the convention center. This is directly off of Franklin Street, on the south-east corner of the convention center building (marked with an "A" pin on the map).
  2. After dropping off, follow the green line on the map below. You will go up N Florida Ave, turn Right on E Jackson Street, and Right on N Meridian Ave.
  3. There will be a designated bus staging area in the right lane of N Meridian Ave. just past the E Whiting intersection, marked in Yellow on the map below. You can stay there the entire time. 
  4. When the students are ready, a designated person will contact their driver. The driver will follow the route to pick up at the Front Drive area (red line on the map below).

MAP: FMEA Bus Route and Parking