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This student leadership workshop is designed to positively impact an organization's ability to Plan, Practice, Process, and Perform.  

The keynote speaker and clinician for the 2017 Student Leadership Workshop will be Tim Lautzenheiser. Mr. Lautzenheiser has had over 30 years of experience conducting clinic presentations, meeting with nearly three million students throughout the course of his career. He is the vice president of Conn-Selmer, Inc. 

His workshop will encourage active participation. Students will learn about the fundamentals of self-discipline, effective communication principles, setting high standards for excellence, dealing with insecurities and the value of risk.

The anticipated outcomes upon completion of the workshop are as follows:

  • Independent Carry Through
  • Sensitivity to Peers
  • Development of a Positive Attitude
  • Understanding of I/Me vs. We/Us
  • Understanding Consequences of Complacency
  • Increased Level of Cooperation
  • Commitment to Self-Improvement

This workshop is for students who already demonstrate a high degree of positive participation, who are proactive role models, and who exemplify a healthy open-minded attitude. This is not about convincing people to become leaders, but rather serious training for those who have already chosen to be leaders. 

Students who are not in an all-state ensemble can receive a one-day exhibit pass for Thursday, but are expected to travel home on Thursday afternoon with a chaperon. Students may not stay for the rest of the week if they are not in an All-State ensemble.

Students who ARE in an All-State Ensemble or who are also attending the conference as a Tri-M student or Student Conference Experience must also be registered for the conference. Chaperones who will be attending for the remainder of the week must also be registered for the conference. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Tampa Convention Center West Hall A

The cost for the workshop is $25 per student. Chaperones are free.

Register as part of your FMEA Conference Registration.